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Hello and welcome! I’m Ananda, a home and garden designer, artist and lifestyle blogger living in coastal Southern California with my wonderful husband / BFF, who never ceases to amaze me everyday with his sweetness and generosity.

I spent six fun-filled years in art university and grad school, exploring nature and painting. When I got my MFA, my only career ambition was “What kind of job allows one to be outside all the time?” ( Guess what, dreams do come true! )

Ocean view in california

Through some fool’s luck and synchronicity, I met my mentor, a visionary garden designer in San Francisco Bay Area, who guided me to find my passion in green design, and taught me that our role as makers and designers is to create places and objects of beauty and harmony, to enhance the well-being of not only humans, but all species of life.

In 2014 while still working at a landscape architecture firm, I started this blog to share our creative adventures, and to connect with like-minded people such as YOU. Now this little blog is visited by tens of millions each year for home, garden, DIY projects and ideas. I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing a part of this journey with us! 🙂

by the ocean

This blog is dedicated to all lovers and explorers of life. We are all artists and designers, only the medium differs. When we embrace our creativity, and fly on the wings of imagination, we fill our homes with more joy, and we make our world just a little more beautiful each day.

A few good places to start exploring if you are new here-

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How we transformed our previous bland looking rental patio into a tropical outdoor room, all with pallets!


Please feel free to send me a message in the bottle, …or email. PLEASE DO read the FAQs below first!

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Q: ” Can we feature your post? We will use one image, an excerpt, and link back to your original post .”

A: Yes if the links are do-follow , and thank you!  🙂

Q: ” Can we pin your posts? “

A: Pin all you want, 24/7.

Q: ” I am having trouble with a download! “

A: If you are a subscriber, there’s a big button at the bottom of each weekly newsletter that takes you to a page with ALL downloads. If it’s a broken link in a new post, please let me know. Most of the files on this site has been downloaded thousands of times. Sometimes a browser can act differently. Try ask a few friends to download and email the file to you.

Q: ” Do you accept gust posts? I would like to contribute content to your site.” or ” We would like to write for you and pay you to publish it on your site.”

A: Thank you! Although I am not taking guest posts at this time, if you have a great tip or diy tutorial that you want to share, please feel free to send me a link. I am always happy to feature awesome projects in my round-up posts. We do NOT publish any paid guest posts or links on our site.

Q: ” We have an awesome infographic / resource / article! Would you like to share it on your site? “

A:  I am only featuring original, actual DIY projects at this time. Sorry,  no infographics or any paid links. If you have great DIY projects with step by step photos, we are always happy to check it out and possibly feature it!

Q: ” We can offer you the best ad rates. Would you like to partner with us? “

A: We are very happy with AdThrive, and will not be switching at this time. Thank you!

Q: ” I have a question about a DIY project.”

A: We always reply to comments when they are relevant questions and good tips. It would be wonderful if you could leave it as a comment on a post. This way it will benefit other people too. 🙂

Other questions not answered above? Please email us at ananda at apieceofrainbow dot com with a clear subject line.

We might not be able to reply to all emails, but we always appreciate your questions and suggestions!

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