DIY $1 Farmhouse Decor Pine Cone Topiary

Make beautiful $1 farmhouse decor pine cone topiary with recycled paper & pinecones! Easy crafts, ornaments, & table decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and year round!

Do you love to create home decor from recycled materials? Do you love nature crafts? Yes, and yes? Then you are going to love this DIY pine cone topiary! It is very easy to make and practically free, and there are so many ways to use it in your home decor. 

Make beautiful $1 farmhouse decor pine cone topiary with recycled paper & pinecones! Easy crafts, ornaments, & table decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and year-round!

It looks beautiful on a simple modern planter or an ornate traditional urn. You can use it as year round or Christmas decorations, centerpiece, or hang it as a large Christmas ornament.

lighted pine cone Christmas decorations tabletop topiary

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Pine cones are such great  creative materials ! We have made lots of pine cone crafts and decor such as easy bleached pine cones without bleach, DIY snow covered pinecones, and how to make beautiful pine cone wreath here .

DIY beautiful "bleached pinecones" in 5 minutes without using bleach
DIY bleached pine cones without bleach!

Now let’s gather some pine cones and make a farmhouse topiary!

Check out the video tutorial or skip to written tutorial below!

Materials and tools to make farmhouse pine cone topiary:

how to make farmhouse decor pine cone topiary
make a newspaper ball

Step 1: make a newspaper ball

Crumple a sheet of newspaper tightly into a small sphere.

wrap newspaper into a sphere

Take another sheet and wrap it outside the first sphere, try to keep the shape of the sphere as round as possible.

no need to buy craft foam ball, how to make one with paper

Repeat by wrapping more layers of paper until the newspaper ball is about 6″ in diameter. 

Tape around the paper ball

Tape around the sphere tightly with some masking tape so it doesn’t unravel.

make a paper craft ball

Put it inside a dark plastic bag or a sheet of black plastic, such as a Dollar store trash bag. The dark color will blend easily with the pine cones on top later. The plastic also makes the paper ball more resistant to moisture.

We also ties some strings to the ball. This way we can also hang this pine cone topiary ball as an ornament and hide the strings to use it as a topiary.

Make sure to use heavy duty hemp or cotton twine or ribbon on the pine cone ball and don’t hang it overhead unless it’s super secure because it can weigh 5 pounds or more when finished!

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adding conifer greens to DIY pinecone wreath
Easy & beautiful DIY pine cone wreath.

Step 2: glue pine cones to paper ball

pine cones for crafts

Tips: use 1″ to 2″ pine cones on a 6″ paper ball. Hot glue works great on pine cones and plastic.

Start at the middle, add a small dab of hot glue to the base of each pine cone and glue a ring of pine cones around the ball. 

glue a ring of pine cones around the ball

Glue the next rings of pine cones above and below the first row. Arrange the pine cones as closely as you can, as you get closer to the top and bottom part of the sphere.

how to make pine cone ball for Christmas decorations and ornaments

Save some very small pine cones to fill gaps at the end. You can glue the small cones to bigger pine cones or to the plastic, depending on how everything fits.

DIY pinecone ball

Step 3: create your pine cone topiary decoration 

create a pine cone topiary table decoration

Find a pot or urn in good proportions to the finished pine cone ball. Ours measured about 8″ in diameter and the pot we used is a 6″ Terra Cotta pot you can get here. 

farmhouse table decor pine cone topiary DIY with recycled paper

If you want a more modern look, the topiary also looks gorgeous on a simple white IKEA planter similar to this. 

modern farmhouse pine cone crafts, and ornaments topiary for Thanksgiving, Christmas and year-round!

Set the pine cone sphere on top of the pot for an instant topiary, or add some green leaves and branches to create a layered look.

Put a layer of faux or real greenery in the pot, let them spill out. You can also use some floral foam or a jar of water inside to make the fresh cut greenery lasts longer.

lighted tabletop pine cone decorations for Christmas and Thanksgiving

Here’s our lovely farmhouse pine cone topiary with easy-to-use LED fairy lights for Christmas decorations!

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  1. This pinecone topiary looks fabulous and very doable! I always wanted a faux tabletop topiary for our entryway table. Now I am going to make one because we have the perfect size pine cones here!

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